Non-Visible Underground Dog Fence Installation in Northern Virginia

invisible fence installation in northern virginia


On a daily basis, we install underground dog fences all throughout Northern Virginia.

We are an official Dog Guard® Installer and Distributor, all of our installs and equipment are backed by a lifetime warranty, as well!

An underground fence is an electronic system to stop pets from departing a yard.  A buried wire is energized with coded signals and an electronic collar on the pet receives these signals.  Once the pet approaches the buried wire, the collar makes a warning sound then it provides the pet with a harmless electrical stimulation.

The underground wire is buried about 5 inches into the ground and it emits a radio signal to activate the receiver collar.

Although referred to as “fences”, these fenceless boundary systems are more accurately termed dog or pet containment systems. In cost analysis they have shown to be much cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing than physical fences.

On average, you can have us install a non-visible fence on your property for about 1/4 of the cost of a traditional fence.

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