The Difference Between Correcting and Redirecting a Dog’s Behavior

Dog on Counter Northern Virginia

At our dog training facility in Northern Virginia we always go over the concept with owners on the difference between correcting an issue and redirecting an issue.

So, I will attempt to give a few scenarios for you to help determine which action is more appropriate for your dog/issue.

Excessive Barking:
-I would “correct” it with the word “off.”

Counter Surfing:
-I would correct this behavior with an “off.”

Jumping on People:
-You can correct if actively jumping (using “off”)
-You can also redirect by having the dog sit before the person approaches, and having them be greeted while in the sit

Sees Another Dog and Pulls on Leash:
-We would redirect the behavior by continuing on with the heel and correcting back into a heel.

Gets excited when someone comes to the door and rushes the door:
-For this, we would redirect the behavior by using something like the “place” command.

Reacts negatively when people/dogs walk by:
-I would redirect this into a sit, place, or heel.

Essentially, if you really break it down, I would correct when it’s just you and your dog and your dog is doing something unwanted.

I would redirect the behavior anytime your dog is doing something based off of distractions (people, dogs, cars, etc).

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